Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Part 2-February 5, 2005 Lab Activity-THE BLUEST EYE

Answer the following in complete sentences and in paragraphs.

1. What do the "blue eyes" symbolize? The blue eyes rep. the white people and pacola.

2. With current technology, anyone could have blue eyes with the help of contact lenses. Is the desire to have blue eyes the same as Pecola's?why and why not? Maybe,because you want to change your physical apperance and it is also not because you can always change your contacts but not your actsual eye color to become parmenat and thats what pacola wants.Something she can't have.

3. What role does Soaphead Church play in this novel? Why is his character important?He plays the helper or peacemaker.He's important to pacola and the people because they belive that he is god and that he can change stuff just like him.

4. In many ways, this novel is about loss. Give as many examples of loss as possible.
1.losing your baby
2.losing your faith
3.losing your arm

5. Why do you suppose that Cholly tried to burn the house down with his family in it?

6. The novel offers hope. Find evidence and support it.

7. What do the seeds represent?

8. In the end, when Pecola has the dialogue with her imaginary friend, how does the blue eyes comfort her?

9. How was Pecola like holy water for the whole town?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Do you think females should break?

I think that girls should break as well because its something everybody can do ,and learn.The guys from this group called Hmong thought females shouldn’t break because they might hurt them selfs while dancing.They thought the girls would look unattractive break dancng ,but they were wrong. The girls became enen more attractive to them.This guy from Mn,said:

Sure, I think Hmong girls should be able to break dance, because in the United States everyone has the rights to do whatever they want and desire. Women have the right just like men. They can split and do all sorts of body dance. Break dancing is like an arts of creation and body work.. go girl, go girl.. break it for me. -guy in Mn
The guy is right about that everyone has the right to do what they want.

Friday, December 03, 2004

What can you get out of break dancing?

When you break you are helping your upper body strength.Its very healthy for your body like any dance moves.Its like any other hobby you do.Just that you’re dancing alot and using all your muscles.I think its good for teens to be so active because it gives them something to after school ,and to be with people there age.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

How it all began?

It began when James Brown cameed out with the song "GET ON THE FOOT."It was his big hit song in 1969 when he showed the frist move of break dancing.His song became popular everywhere ,but it was most popular in NYC.Instead of fighting whice is stupid.The gangs would break dance instead of shooting people.I thought that break dancing was a good idea to handle your problems.

Who are the B-Boys?

There were different B-Boy crews that was formed everywhere.They would get together and battle each other.The reason they do it is because they want to see whose better. Like more creative and faster moves than the other crew.There were MC's and they were there to motivate the crowd and to get them moving and in to it.The music they were dancing off of was hiphop beats they have created or play beats from artists like Michael Jackson.

Friday, October 15, 2004

break dancing

Break dancing is the hottest dance that ever camed out.Break dance camed out in the 70s when hiphop started,but It all started in LA LosAngelos.If you new how to break dance then you was the coolest kid on the block.Competition was the hardest thing someone could do in front of a gruop of people because you had to dance your heart out to get the crowd moving.Break dancing really got big in NY New York in the 80s when doug'E Fresh and Ron DMC camed out.The way people used their body to form a unique style of dancing. People uses acrobatic forms and moves. ... It shows that with break dancing you can have a serious side of dancing to having fun.